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Welcome to ReefersGroup.com!


Forum Launched! 🎗️

Our reefs, our passion, our mission! 

RG is created by a reef community member and hobbyist. We set out for the ultimate salty mission uniting reefers worldwide for a common loving passion for saltwater aquariums and reef keeping. We strive to gain basic knowledge and beyond about reef keeping to help each other to learn and acknowledge the value of living ocean inhabitant and their importance to our ocean.  Share photos and videos of your tanks, fishes, corals, and inverts. Ask questions, discuss about aquascaping, setups, photography/videography, lightings, dosing, IDs, pests, and more...Learn how thriving reef aquariums are built and maintained. Talk about the goods, the bads, and dramas  in the hobby that you have experienced. If you can help to grow our community, we are currently opening to sponsors, moderators, content creators, youtubers, bloggers, etc.