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  2. Ebay Auctions Ending Thursday 11/21/19 starting at 6PM PST (9PMEST), tons of hot deals and steals, don't miss out! * * * ( ALL AUCTIONS START AT $0.99 ) * * * Click EBAY Icon below and get in on the deals! Some Teasers Below! Don't miss these AWESOME DEALS! ALL STARTS AT $0.99! New Pieces up on our website! Use code "ASDWEB10" to get 10% off! Only for www.aquasd.com Are you a store or a reseller and need our products in bulk? Please register on our wholesale page here -
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  5. www.AQUASD.com Thank you all, but that is actually going to be it. We posted all we had for today which means that's extra time to just browse around without checking the "New Arrivals" page! Plenty of Mushrooms this week so be sure to use the Pre-black Friday sale coupon "PREBF" upon checkout. Have a great weekend everyone!
  6. Another Orange Passion! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com Done for now! Stragglers will be coming up as soon as they are ready to go!
  7. Walt Disney! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  8. Gummy Palys! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  9. Check out our "New Arrivals" page for the latest updates! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  10. This Acro looks Angry.. www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  11. Holy Grail Button Scoly! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  12. Orange Passion! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  13. Love them Acans! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  14. Homewrecker!! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  15. Button Scolys anyone? www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  16. Got a few Toadstools coming up! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  17. What an Angry Bird. www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  18. Plenty of Beach Bums coming in! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  19. Plenty of Zoas throughout the day! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  20. This is only the beginning, still have all day! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  21. Starting with a beautiful Acan! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  22. Next ASD Update and Sale is Saturday 11/16/19, starting 10am PST (1pm EST)!! Order by WEBSITE! www.aquasd.com Click the photo of the coral you like (will navigate you to our website), and check out! After first shipping fee is paid for, next orders just select "Shipping with Previous Web Order", so the site doesn't charge you again for freight. If you are local, please select "Local Pick Up". No shipping fee for local pick up. We ship Tues, Weds, Thurs and Fri (UPS charges $25 for Sat deliveries), Via UPS priority. We are closed Mondays. Shipping is a flat fee of $40, doesn't matter how many pieces you order. Free shipping on orders over $499 (Website Only, Does not apply for Ebay). For orders picked up and shipped to in CA, there will be a 8% CA Tax to your order For local pick ups, please swing by anytime during our business hours, Tues - Sat, between 10a - 6pm. No shipping or handling fee for local pick up. Please call at least 30 mins prior to picking up. Our Guarantee Policy is taped in each box, but you can find it here as well - https://aquasd.com/pages/shipping Tutorial for our Website here - https://aquasd.com/pages/website-faq-how-to-order Some Teasers Below!
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    New corals!

    Black Frag Days! Check out the new corals! New discount will be up early in the morning! The light we use over our tanks!
  24. 24 Hour sale! 30% off all SPS and MUSHROOMS! Use Code "ACROFEVER" (good for both SPS and MUSHROOMS) Click this banner below to see ACROS! Click this banner below to see MUSHROOMS! Click this banner below to see MONTIS!
  25. Ebay Auctions Ending NOW, tons of hot deals and steals, don't miss out! * * * ( ALL AUCTIONS START AT $0.99 ) * * *
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