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  1. MrNanoReef

    New T-Shirt Inbound

    Love that shirt! Gotta have one sent my way!
  2. MrNanoReef

    IM Lagoon EXT 25gal

    @lunette_lulu7 Right on! I finally found sometime to be back checking out how everyone's doing and caught your update. Your tank is coming along nicely! Love all your macro shots! McCosker’s Wrasse shot is impressive! Keep up with the great work!
  3. MrNanoReef

    Hello from NanoRox!

    Welcome to RG @NanoRox! I haven't been active lately due to busy work schedule but I'm still watching from behind the scenes 🙂 Hoping to give this group a good kick soon once our 100 members mark has reached with a giveaway!
  4. MrNanoReef

    @MightyNanoTank Budget 5g Build

    @MightyNanoTank That is such an amazing budget build and it goes to show that you don't have to over do and be super spendy to have such a nice little reef. Thanks for taking on the opportunity with @Oceanbox Designs and sharing your build with us!
  5. MrNanoReef

    Tommy's Custom 3.5 Gallon Pico

    Thanks for sharing your build @Tommy Hua! I can't believe the thought out details and sophisticated equipment for such a small reef. This one is for sure aimed for big success! Can't wait to see this up and running with live stock soon.
  6. MrNanoReef

    IM Lagoon EXT 25gal

    Progress coming great! Love what you got for your zoas garden, recently started to collect some. Im wondering if zoas/palys will overgrown sps and lps? or is it wise to separate them? Is that the tail of your blenny sticking out the other side? He looks hilarious!
  7. MrNanoReef

    How to Keep Your Tank Alive During a Power Outage!

    Awesome video @MarineDepot! Looks like I need to pick up one of those air pump, never knew they existed.
  8. MrNanoReef

    12G Long Nano Reef

    Thanks guys! Here is the latest FTS after a major rescape and ugly corals purge. Hopefully it will spring back up again soon once I fill it up with more corals, this time only the beautiful ones get a place in here due to the limited space.
  9. MrNanoReef

    Let's see those full tank shots!!

    Does this count as FTS?
  10. Sweet! I'll be looking out to score some more sweet deals!
  11. MrNanoReef

    Innovative marine EXT75

    @Am Fit Elite Reefer Love it bro! I'm jelly all of you guys are getting bigger reef! One day I promise 🙂
  12. MrNanoReef

    Let's see those full tank shots!!

    @No1Cane Dope tank! Love your rockscape, it feels just right!
  13. MrNanoReef

    My 80g Reef

    Welcome to RG @No1Cane, your reef tank is beautiful and I'm a big fan of DIY stands. Can't wait to follow more of your tank updates. I'd love so see some close up of your corals and critters.
  14. Some new candies from @AquaSD Can't beat their price, shipping and did I mention a freebie?!! Thanks Will!