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This guy is extra salty

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  1. This guy is extra salty

    Let's see those full tank shots!!

    That is a great looking 40 im digging the LPS
  2. This guy is extra salty

    Let's see those full tank shots!!

    Very nice looking softy/LPS tank im digging the white lights
  3. This guy is extra salty

    Let's see those full tank shots!!

    @MrNanoReef very nice 👍 🤩
  4. This guy is extra salty

    How to increase flow on a Hydor Pico Mag 180

    Very nice 👍
  5. This guy is extra salty

    D.I.Y cheato reactor

    Awesome DIY Did you already have the TLF reactor?
  6. This guy is extra salty

    Hey Phriends!

    Welcome to the reef!
  7. This guy is extra salty

    Let's see those full tank shots!!

    I want to see everyone’s full tank shot (FTS) it doesn’t matter what size reef you’re keeping any size is welcome so let’s have at it! Show me your FTS! 120gal: 1st large reef 55gal: RBTA tank 80g: frag tank 1 80g: frag tank2 32g: biocube W/display refugium 200g: Redsea 750xxl (quarantine tank to the left) 30g: quarantine tank #stl_corallivore
  8. This guy is extra salty

    What do you use for biological filtration?

    I know I have always heard from word-of-mouth at the local fish store that the more live rock you have the better it is for your reef tank and or Fowler tank. I mean don’t get me wrong I’ve seen many Fowler and reef tanks that is completely packed full of live rock. Yeah some people do it just for Aquascaping purposes to try to make it look like a naturalized or simulated reef which is what everyone is trying to aim for. But then there is a select few that have a very minimal rock scape so they have room for their fish to swim around and for their coral to grow. To each their own, they set up their tank on how they want it to look like it’s all personal preference . So on that note let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and the topic of this whole discussion what biological filtration do you use? And how long has it been successful for you? Did it have a long early setup ugly stage? I own a Red Sea 750xxl with 40lbs of rock and 80lbs of sand in the display. It is a very minimalist approach for rockscape and biological filtration. Until you open up the cabinet and see the sump, at a glance it still looks very normal and not packed with live rock I actually have 6 bricks and one plate all from Brightwell Aquatics. I’m not here to represent them, I’m not being endorsed or paid by them. I’m just telling what works for ME, it may not work for you. Cause Every reef tank or Fowler is different. Whether it is overstocked understocked different products doses equipment etc. When I initially set up this tank I took one of the bio bricks from an already established tank to “seed” this new setup. Yes it went through an ugly stage for about a month and then it pretty much just all disappeared once I tuned in my refugium and protein skimmer. I have also used marine pure in the past which is cost me tons of problems with leaching aluminum into the water column and becoming a nutrient sink. I have used the brightwell xport bio bricks, not the NO3 ones. As I have read and heard that those had a bad batch a while back and were “Disintegrating” but that issue has since been fixed. I will only recommend what works from personal experience. And I am curious what everyone else is using and what works for you.
  9. This guy is extra salty

    Oversized skimmers on your setup

    Sure no problem! I actually harvested roughly 5 pounds of Chaeto this week which I gave to a couple of my customers and my LFS which i only left three softball size clumps in my refugium area. I have a brightwell biobrick in a low flow area to help with the biofilter. Also I have 2/50w indoor grow lights on a 16hr timer, with two snails to help maintain some of the nuisance algae that grows in the refugium. In my sump i have 5 more brightwell bricks in a high flow area to make up for the “lack” of rock i have in my main display. Underneath two of them I have a 12lb Tub of “fiji mud” that leaches essential minerals into the water columnand into the two bricks. Here is my beast of a skimmer I put a refractometer next to it for good measure. The skimmate it pulls out is darker than my coffee and soul. 😂 im sure you’re curious about the airline tube going into the skimmer. Yep I am CO2 scrubbing OK back to the sump.. i use a combo of two filter media cups and three filter socks. I have a large 250 micron on the drain to catch the large particles In my return area I have a brightwell plate behind the stock black mesh bubble catcher from what I have read about biological filtration I think I have enough square footage 😂 stay salty keep on reefing!
  10. This guy is extra salty

    Oversized skimmers on your setup

    I’m curious how many reefers are out there are using oversized skimmers on their setups. i personally have multiple setups that each skimmer is rated higher than the total system volume. 2 deepblue frag tanks w/sump (100gTSV) 2 bubble magus 5.5 Redsea 750xxl(200gTSV) bubble magus B10
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