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  1. lunette_lulu7

    IM Lagoon EXT 25gal

    Nope these are from my Canon 6D
  2. lunette_lulu7

    IM Lagoon EXT 25gal

    Hello everyone, It’s been a while since my last update again already and I thought I’d tell you about what’s new and what’s happened in the last month. I got a stunning new computer and I can’t get over how much better it is to edit and process my photos and videos. I’ve been living in the dark ages lol I’ve finally worked up the courage to get a Scoly, a beautiful pair - one is pink and teal and the other is green. I’ve also added some fish: a green clown goby (love him, his name is Herman) as well as another royal gramma! I’ve also added Cheato to my sump along with some pods. I’m hoping by this summer to have enough of a pod colony to be able to keep a mandarin. I’ve also added my first SPS corals and I’m having mixed results so far. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of it! I’ve moved all of my LPS over from the Evo to my Lagoon and they are all doing really well. Pink Scoly Green Scoly Herman the green clown goby Royal Gramma I never knew Acans could get so fluffy! Acan and Scoly garden It’s also been a bit turbulent. I’ve lost my original royal gramma shortly after my last post along with one of my clownfish. I think for now, I will stick to my last clownfish instead of looking for another pair. Also, my pink scolymia that I had just added is not doing well at all. It’s really bleached and started to recede. I’m doing everything I can - without doing too much. I think I’ve at least paused it’s deteriorating health, but it’s not gotten much better either. My other green scoly is going really well though! It’s got a faint yellow ring around it that I hope comes out more as time goes on. Pink Scoly with bleaching Green Scoly close-up I feel weird saying this but I must: I’ve also been running into some internet drama lately and a little miffed seeing my content get shared without credit. It’s had me strongly reconsider how and what I share with others. I don’t know why I got so offended, this is not a money-making venture for me, I just purely love the hobby and it is nothing more than a passion piece. I’ve been happy with how it’s been handled though and so happy to see credit going where it’s due. I’ve got a ton of photos to share, and I plan on adding lots more! Until next time o7 Pearly Jawfish McCosker’s Wrasse Royal Gramma with Favia Royal Gramma Angry Mexican Turbo Snail Full tank shot 03.12.19
  3. lunette_lulu7

    IM Lagoon EXT 25gal

    It’s been awhile since I have written an update on the lagoon. I have been battling diatoms and algae for a while and have finally just accepted that it is what it is for now. This tank has a completely different startup then my Evo has so I’m learning the differences. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that thinks finally started to look better. I don’t feel much has changed since the last update until recently. I have had some bad luck in adding livestock to the system. My local club had their annual fall frag swap. I decided to get an anemone. I picked up a rock flower anemone and a small clam. I am extremely impressed with the anemone. Since placing it in the tank it has not really moved and it is so colorful and beautiful. I like it so much I’m contemplating getting another one. The clam however I did not have the same amount of luck. It was small and I was feedin it regularly but one day it was fine when I went to bed and the next morning it was gone. I may try a clam again later down the road. Rock Flower Anemone The end of last year I did add a sexy shrimp. This was a total surprise. Sometime in early 2018 I had added three sexy shrimp to my Evo. My clarkii clownfish in that system ate them up almost immediately, or so I had thought. I was cleaning out the sump of the Evo when I saw this big chunk of debris go flying through my siphon tube and into the bucket. Somehow this lonely sexy shrimp made it. I was shocked. I moved him (or her) to the lagoon since my hawkfish George would make a snack out of it. I also moved the frogspawn from the Evo into the lagoon so the sexy shrimp would have something to hide on. Long Lost Sexy Shrimp Two weeks ago I took a big step and added a bunch of fish to the system at once. I moved my solo clownfish over from my Fluval Evo and paired it with a new clown in the lagoon. I figured this would be the best for both since neither had territory in this system. I also added a McCosker’s wrasse, cleaner shrimp and royal gramma. About a week later I added a pearly jawfish. It has been a week since I last added any fish and so far everyone is doing well with the exception of my midas blenny. He unexpectedly past away from some unknown reason. I plan on getting another midas blenny but am going to wait a few months before adding any new fish and focus more on adding corals. Flash McCosker’s Wrasse I have found that some of my corals that are currently are in the system are not doing as well as I had hoped. I’m currently working on my light schedule and intensity but am finding it difficult. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? I have a radion xr15. In the meantime - here are a few more photos that I have taken. I hope you enjoy! Full Tank Shot Cleaner Shrimp Favia Hermits Zoas
  4. lunette_lulu7

    IM Lagoon EXT 25gal

    That rock/island is only for zoas/palys at least that’s the plan for now. I’ll have LPS else where throughout the tank. And yes that’s his tail. There are a couple of “tunnels” in the rock right there that he swims between. He isn’t used to me or my camera yet but he is getting better.
  5. lunette_lulu7

    IM Lagoon EXT 25gal

    I’ve added a Midas Blenny (Flash) and all the zoas I had sitting on my frag rack in the Evo. I’m honestly shocked at how much of the rock they took up. I just have them placed there until it’s decided on their final arrangement. Then I’ll glue them down.
  6. lunette_lulu7

    IM Lagoon EXT 25gal

    Just put the finishing touches (for now) on the lagoon and added a clean up crew. I think it’s ready for fish! I think I’m still going to hold off awhile on adding corals. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. lunette_lulu7

    IM Lagoon EXT 25gal

    I’m using a Sicce Syncra Silent 2.0
  8. lunette_lulu7

    IM Lagoon EXT 25gal

    Added the last component today! A TIA-110 Cadlight skimmer. It fits perfectly into the sump and makes it look completely
  9. lunette_lulu7

    Let's see those full tank shots!!

    Fluval Evo 13.5
  10. lunette_lulu7

    IM Lagoon EXT 25gal

    I added some Dr. Tim’s on Monday. So far the water has cleared up and it’s just the waiting game. Which works for me because I’ve been swamped at work. Still messing around with the drain and return trying to find that perfect combination.
  11. lunette_lulu7

    IM Lagoon EXT 25gal

    My newest build came out from an unusual circumstance. I was in the middle of dealing with one of my clownfish having popeye. Feeling helpless and completely unmotivated I received an email from a representative from Innovative Marine saying I had won a 25 gallon lagoon EXT from their Instagram giveaway. At this point I had no idea what I had won. The EXT’s where their newest line and was completely different from anything else they had. Hardly any plumbing came with it and it required a sump that is also did not come with. About a month later the tank and stand arrived. All the research I had done left me feeling completely lost and overwhelmed, I needed to step away for a little bit and think this through. After I got the tank together is sat empty in my office until I could come up with a game plan. Even though at this point I have had my Fluval Evo 13.5 almost a year, I still feel completely new to the hobby with this traditional setup. I started looking again into everything about a month ago. I decided in starting with looking for a sump. I knew this would probably be the hardest thing to find. The stand had a weird size. It quickly became obvious that none of the store bought options would work – they were all just a tad too big to fit in the stand. Shoot. Now what? A friend suggested that I look into OceanBox Designs – they sold kits to convert a ten gallon tank into a sump. I did have an empty ten gallon tank laying around from an old setup. Carefully, I got it into the stand – it barely fit. Shortly one of their kits and filter sock holders were on their way to me. After the kit came, I went to pick up some hermit crabs for the Fluval Evo and ended up picking the light, return pump and plumbing (and plan) for the IM. Oddly this was the easy part. The IM was moved from my office down to the basement since I didn’t feel like lugging water up a flight of stair. Now the tricky part – building the sump and routing the plumbing. I cut out the footprints of all of the equipment that was going to go into the sump – it was a lot tighter then I initially thought. Eventually it was all mapped out. I started to silicon on the side with the return pump. I used painter’s tape to keep the lines straight and consistent. Once I got the hang of it, it went really smoothly. I let is dry for a few days and then started working on the plumbing. I decided to use hard plumbing throughout the entire build since I thought it would look cleaner. Originally the return was planned to have two 45s to it but it made the whole tank stick too far out from the wall for my liking. I swapped it out for a 90 and now its flush with the overflow box. I did switch the main drain and the emergency drain because of the way the plumbing flowed into the sump and it allowed easier access to a gate valve being on the side with the tank against the wall. I dry fit everything together and let it sit for a week to make sure I was happy with it. This weekend started with gluing everything together and testing for leaks. Luckily there were no leaks. I left the water in it and continued to run the system while I went to pick up sand and live/dry rock. I was planning on cycling this tank with new materials. Not how I started the Fluval with a mini tank transfer. I ended up with marco rock over dried live rock. I liked the way the pieces seemed to fit together better and no risk surprise hitchhikers. For this scape I wanted more islands and wanted to stay away from the arch. Make it completely different from the Evo. This time I did secure the rocks I stacked before anything else. I used Fiji Pink sand in this build as well. I really like the way it looks. Saltwater was made five gallons at a time, and then put into the tank with a strainer in hopes to not disturb the sand too much. I’ve used this technique in planted tanks so you do not uproot your plants. I’m working on fine tuning the “Herbie” drain and will hopefully have it dialed in within a day or so. The plan is to use Dr. Tim’s for the cycling process. Overall I am surprised by how quieted the system is. Current Equipment: Light: EcoTech Radion Xr15 Sump: 10 gallon with OceanBox Design baffle kit Return: Sicce Syncra Silent 2.0 Tank: Innovative Marine 25 gal Lagoon EXT Skimmer: tbd Powerheads: tbd