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  1. NanoRox

    New T-Shirt Inbound

    Going to launch the fundraiser on June 8th which is World Oceans day. 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the Coral Reef Alliance
  2. Instagram has posts for this tiny sub 1 gallon pico all over the place. Seems to be mostly freshwater but some reefing attempts are being made (@Mightynanotank) for example. Shoot, I have two NanoRox designs for them myself. I would be interested in hearing from anyone with this tank and is trying to run it as a pico reef. From what I understand, water top off is the biggest issue.
  3. NanoRox

    CinnamonTorch’s__ Nuvo 10 Build

    🔥🔥 amazing!
  4. NanoRox

    IM Lagoon EXT 25gal

    gotta get myself a "real" camera. 😉
  5. Looks like you have some Octospawn? Nice! I had a nice frag and for some reason it just died while all my other euphyllia are fine. Go figure
  6. NanoRox

    IM Lagoon EXT 25gal

    Beautiful pics. this from a phone? I would be surprised if so.
  7. NanoRox

    New T-Shirt Inbound

    I will be offering this T-shirt as part of a fundraiser in the next few weeks. Let me know what you think and if you are inclined, let your reefer friends know. I will update here and on Instagram and FB once released.
  8. NanoRox

    New Product Release

  9. NanoRox

    A Little About NanoRox

    What is NanoRox? Well, let me first tell you what it is not. NanoRox is NOT a large company with hundreds or even tens of employees. In fact, NanoRox is the creative expression of a solo nano aquarist...me - Duane Clark. believe nano aquascaping can be done as beautifully as what can be accomplished in larger aquaria. In fact, because of innovative scaping options like NanoRox, it may even be better. By utilizing the entire aquarium space (including the glass and back walls) tiny, intimate aquatic ecosystems can be created that are simply not possible in larger tanks. NanoRox was created for this sole purpose...to expand the nano aquarist's aquascaping options for less money than could be done in larger aquariums. But what IS a NanorOx? NanoRox are innovative, hand made resin coral frag rocks. Each NanoRox uses two powerful Neodymium magnets to attach to the aquarium walls. One magnet is inset within the resin while the outside magnet is plastic coated so it can be placed in the back chamber of an All In One (AIO) aquarium. The magnets are so strong you can use your NanorOx in aquariums with glass as thick as 1/2 an inch!* NanoRox are made of all aquarium safe materials by Smooth-On. They are first cast in reef safe resin and are then expertly painted in water based acrylics and finally sealed in a tough plastic encapsulant to provide extra strength and durability. *I also have smaller PicoRox that are meant for smaller pico tanks and nano's. Seeing is better than reading so here is a quick workbench demo The Inappropriate Reefer also had some words about NanoRox here And finally, just a few pics of some of my current designs
  10. NanoRox

    Hello from NanoRox!

    Thanks Jeff!
  11. NanoRox

    Let's see those full tank shots!!

    Just rescaped my 14g two nights ago. This pic was taken about 12 hours after. Corals are much more open now...will have to post an update.
  12. NanoRox

    DIY reef wall rock structure your thoughts 💭

    If you like it then I say go for it. There are many ways to scape a reef and creating a rockwall of some sort is always an option. If you need to know the materials needed to do something like this, let me know, I can provide you a materials list.
  13. NanoRox

    Hello from NanoRox!

    Hey Reefers! Just a quick hello. Very excited to be part of this community!