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Found 1 result

  1. MrNanoReef

    12G Long Nano Reef

    FTS 7/2/2017 FTS 6/17/17 FTS 5/30/17 FTS 5/13/17 April 2017 Jan 2017 July 2016 April 2016 FTS 9-11-15 FTS 9-8-15 FTS - 7-24-15 FTS - 12/22/14 FTS - 9/13/14 FTS - 7/24/14 Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and just starting out my nano reef tank. I started off with a Fluval Edge 6 gallon and when the tank is cycled I realized what a pain to do maintenance with a small opening on top and the evaporation was crazy, then I went looking for a larger nano tank and stumbled upon Mr Aqua 12 Gallon long tank from Marine Depot and immediately felt in love with the dimensions that'd fits perfectly on the stand I have, I just have get it. I kept track of the entire process for my record so I'll just post all them pics. I have never done a saltwater tank before, well I did once 15 years ago on a 10 gallon which was a disaster because I never bother to research in advance. This time im going to this right! Let me know what you guys think and if there is anything I can do to improve. TANK SETUP Tank: Mr Aqua 12G Long originally purchased from @MarineDepot Equipment: Oceanbox Designs POB Mini Sump w/Eheim Compact 600 intake pump Orbit Marine LED w/Oceanbox Designs Lightmaxx Risers Eheim 75W Heater w/ReefSafeSolution Temp Controller AquaticLife Mini 115 Skimmer (In POB sump) Mame Skimmer III (In overflow box) Jebao WP-10 Wave Maker Hydor Evo Mag 180 Powerhead DIY ATO w/Float Switch in Overflow box Livestocks: Mixed reef of Softies/LPS/SPS Percula Clownfish Pair, 6 Line Wrass, Purple Firefish Candy Pistol Shrimp and CUC crew