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Found 2 results

  1. Am Fit Elite Reefer

    Innovative marine EXT75

    Hi reefers my name is Ariane Medina. I have been in the saltwater hobby about 5 years . I am also known as AM Fit Elite Reefer on YouTube. This build will be number 7 . So has been a crazy and expensive ride lol . But this is my final build so I tell my wife😆 on July 31st on I won a brand new innovative marine Nuvo EXT 75 . I entered a giveaway on innovative marine page on Facebook and got lucky enough to win it . So please follow this amazing and awesome ride on this build.That will be totally different and modern way of reefing.So please stay tuned thank you reef family.🙏🏽
  2. I'd like to extend our warm welcome to Vivid Creative Aquatics, our newest sponsor to the Reefers family. Based out of Phoenix, AZ, VCA is the first to invent one of the most amazing and innovative 3D printed design of the random flow generator (RFG™) nozzle compatible with variety of retail branded aquarium systems (Red Sea, Fluval, IM, etc) and come in different connector/adapter size for general tank plumbing. What's amazing about it you asked? It has absolutely no moving parts yet able to produce random flow with just a regular return pump connected to the RFG™ nozzle. Want amazing random flow for your reef tanks without adding an extra wavemaker? Be sure to checkout their product page at www.VividCreativeAquatics.com