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Lobo coral

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The Lobo Brain Coral, Lobophyllia hemprichii, is a colorful LPS coral that goes by many names incuding Carpet, Open Brain, Lobed, Colored, Modern, and Meat Coral. The Lobo Brain Coral comes in a number of different colors including blue, red, and orange and a number of different texture patterns including smooth, bumpy, and carpet-like.  I would definitely give these Lobo coral some space as it has some serious sweepers. Have found it fighting with my brain coral . Have had success with this coral and likes low to moderate lighting. I will classify this coral as a beginner coral for anyone that might be interested in one . Can be a bit pricey but definitely worth every penny can range anywhere from $30-100 depending size and colors. It loves to eat and responds to food almost immediately .I use reef roids and mysis  twice a week and keeps him happy and very fat . This is what I have experienced with this type of coral . For amazing corals like this one check out https://skyslagooncoral.com/ keep on reefing Fam ✊🏽


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