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CinnamonTorch’s__ Nuvo 10 Build

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Welcome all my reefers!!! Hope you all are doing excellent. This is a dedicated thread for my popular Nuvo 10 build! With more than 1,300 instagram followers, i have found success in this hobby by asking questions and interacting with community members! With that being said, you can have the same results if you have consistency, dedication, and some patience! Remember, nothing good comes quickly in this hobby. 


Let’s talk about my Nuvo 10! To start off, i’ll list all my equipment for you guys.


Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 tank

Top lids cover custom designed for my tank

Sicce 0.5 Return pump

Eshopps IV dosing pump (2 pump)

Eheim 50 Watt Heater

Aqua Illumination Prime HD (Led light)

Media basket from Innovative Marine

Aquamaxx NF-1 Protein skimmer

Smart ATO Micro 

digital thermometer


Testing Equipment: ALL HANNA CHECKERS (Alk/Calc/Phos)


This build has been able to thrive and reach these levels of success BECAUSE of my equipment. I wouldnt be able to have things so stable and consistent on my own. The Eshopps dosing pump has also greatly improved things in my tank. It keeps my alk and calc balanced every single day. You would think my tank is so small, however, i am currently dosing 8 ml of alk and 7 ml of Calc every single day. My tank consumes alot. 


Moving onto the live stock for my tank! I currently have 1 Midas Blenny (who goes by the name of King Midas) and i also have 2 clownfish (one of my clowns is an oldy from my other tank, regular Ocelaris, shes been with me for 4 years now 🙂 and my other clownfish is a Moka clownfish, beautiful stripes and dark features while still maitaining that signature look of a regular clown, she was a baby and i got her when i setup the tank last year.


speaking of which, my reef is almost 1 year mature! Today, it is 11 months mature. Time flies.


moving onto my coral selection: 

i am known for my HUGE monti caps i have and that big ol’ Alveopora that resides near the top of my tank! I have had lots of success with monti caps, i glued some of them to the back wall and watched them scroll and grow for days! Others i placed on my rock work. My alveopora is my favourite coral to be honest. For many reasons, firstly its beautiful. Second, it tells me exactly when its happy and when its pissed off! Similar to a girl, i can tell when its happy/pissed 😄  next up i have a zoa garden (which to be honest, i would have rathered setup a hammer garden in its place, but anyways its all good), i am also a fiend for euphylia!! Love me some torch and hammer corals, as well as frogspawns 🙂  i also have Some acans which are growing and thriving like crazy! I glued the frag they were on onto the rock and now they are slowly expanding and taking over the rock! Its so cool to watch.


Lets now talk about maintenance for abit:

firstly its important to note which salt mix i use. There has been a lot of debates and preferences on salts, but i must say, if you are planning on dosing, just stay with the salt brand that has levels that you want in your reef tank.. with that being said, i am using the Fritz RPM salt! So far i love it. Mixes very quickly and gets the job done.

i do a 2.5 Gallon water change once a week. My protein skimmer is a BEAST and i could get away without doing a water change, but i still like to clean my sand bed and get detritus out of my tank. I clean the glass maybe twice a week with my FlipperCleaner Nano! Excellent product i would strongly recommend it. Other than that, maintenance is pretty easy because it only consists of doing my water change, refilling my ato Resevoir, and cleaning the glass...


thats pretty much it for my build! There is so many more things i can go on to talk about, but these are the most important parts to know about my build 🙂 if you guys have ANY questions, i strongly recommend you reach out to me on instagram, as i am very active on there and i will be able to answer all your questions 🙂


as always, its been a huge pleasure, i go by the name of CinnamonTorch__ and i thank you all for reading my build thread! Happy reefing 🤙🏼









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