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This guy is extra salty

Let's see those full tank shots!!

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I want to see everyone’s full tank shot (FTS) it doesn’t matter what size reef you’re keeping any size is welcome

so let’s have at it! Show me your FTS!

120gal: 1st large reef


55gal: RBTA tank


80g: frag tank 1


80g: frag tank2


32g: biocube


W/display refugium 


200g: Redsea 750xxl (quarantine tank to the left)


30g: quarantine tank



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Cool thread @This guy is extra salty 

This was the last FTS of the 12G long before taking a plunge. I went on a 2 weeks out of town and neglecting for another 2 weeks coming back lol. I'm going to try making a come back once I have the time.


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10 hours ago, gbaypr said:

40g breeder mixed reef

Awesome tank! Never seen a 40B filled with so many corals. Typically this tank is used for a sump.

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Just rescaped my 14g  two nights ago.  This pic was taken about 12 hours after.  Corals are much more open now...will have to post an update.

tank reboot.JPG

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