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How to increase flow on a Hydor Pico Mag 180

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This little mod will increase flow greatly on the Hydor Pico Mag 180 pump. I did this mod a while back and needed it a bit more supplement flow for the 36" long 12g tank but didn't want to add a huge power head. This one is tiny and perfect to hide in the corner of my overflow box. The stock flow rate is 180gph which is already great but after a while I feel that it wasn't enough so I gave this a try and it made  huge different on flow and was able to direct the water toward the surface more because of the compressed nozzle vs the stock wide opened nozzle.

Things you'll need! I forgot to add the drill and drill bit btw, you'll see why in a moment.


Step 1. 

Heat up the nozzle with a heat gun or hair dryer set to very hot, you'll have to heat until the plastic soft enough to be compressed.


Step 2.

Use a flat pliers to compress the nozzle while the plastic is still soft. It's important to try to point the opening more upward if you need flow to direct more toward the water surface.


Step 3.

Drill a couple of 1/8" holes on the flow adjustment cover cap, you can remove this part off the pump to drill.

Warning: Once you've done this, you'll have very little flow control since drilling the cover will allow water to bypass no matter where you turn it.



Complete mod!

fr_937.jpgow ncr

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