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Nero 5 Pump Review: Design, Performance, Control, and Scheduling Using myAI App

By MarineDepot, 01/21/19

https://mdshop.us/Nero5_ We recently installed two Nero 5 pumps from Aqua Illumination in our Red Sea Reefer aquarium.

AI is a hugely popular manufacturer of LED aquarium lights, but this is their first foray in the submersible pump category.

We'll share differences and similarities between the Nero 5 and VorTech pumps, what the included controller can do, how to sync and anti-sync your pumps on the myAI mobile app, and a whole lot more.

If you're curious how the Nero 5 compares to traditional powerheads, this episode is for you!


Nero 5 Pump - https://mdshop.us/Nero5_

Hydra TwentySix HD Lights - https://mdshop.us/Hydra26_Lights

Hydra FiftyTwo HD - https://mdshop.us/Hydra52_Lights

Prime HD Lights - http://mdshop.us/PrimeHD_Lights

Prime Freshwater Lights - https://mdshop.us/PrimeFW_Lights

Prime Fuge Refugium Light - https://mdshop.us/PrimeFuge_Light

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