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How to Set Up a Refugium: Harvesting Macroalgae To Control Nitrate and Phosphate

By MarineDepot, 03/07/19

https://https://mdshop.us/RefugiumHowTo In biological terms, a refugium is a remote location that protects and supports a wildlife population. A reef refugium is based on this principle and works specifically to benefit your reef tank.

The idea behind a reef refugium is to provide an isolated environment, seperate from the main aquarium for the cultivation of macroalgae, plankton and biological denitrification.

The first step on your road to refugium greatness is decide what type is suitable for your tank. No matter what type of fuge you set up, your reef tank is sure to benefit from less nuisance algae, lower nitrate and phosphate and lots of live foods for your fish and corals.

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Refugiums and Refugium Accessories: https://mdshop.us/Refugiums


How to Set Up a Refugium Inside Your Sump: https://mdshop.us/SumpRefugium

Q&A Series #4: What are the Benefits of a Refugium? https://mdshop.us/RefugiumBenefits

Aquatic Life Reno Refugium Light - What YOU Need to Know: https://mdshop.us/RenoFuge


"What is a Sump?" Diagram: https://mdshop.us/WhatIsASump

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Turn Your ATO Reservoir Into A Refugium: https://mdshop.us/RedSeaMods

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How to Setup a Refugium: https://mdshop.us/HowToRefugium


Special thanks and shout-out to Matt Miller of Reef2Reef whose DIY sump with a refugium photograph is featured in this episode: https://mdshop.us/MikeMiller

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